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Sunday, July 24

10:00am PDT

IDW: Kids Rule
From My Little Pony to Strawberry Shortcake, and Skylanders to TMNT Animated and X-Files: Origins to Disney, IDW loves kids' comics and love even more the kids who read them! Hear from the writers and editors of their all-ages fare and then stay for the best Q&A at SDCC since every question is open only to nonadults! Hosted by editors Sarah Gaydos and Bobby Curnow, with Derek Charm, Jake Goldman, and Haley Mancini (Powerpuff Girls), Jodie Houser (X-Files: Origins), Caleb Goellner (TMNT: Animated), Sara Richard (MLP), and Tony Fleece (MLP). Plus prizes for all kids in attendance!

Sunday July 24, 2016 10:00am - 11:00am PDT
Room 4

11:00am PDT

Spotlight on Cece Bell
Cece Bell (El Deafo) discusses the inspiration for her autobiographical graphic novel, the behind-the-scenes decision-making involved in its creation, and its reception by both deaf and hearing readers. Susan Van Metre (editor, Abrams), who edited the book and was a major player in its development, moderates the discussion.

Sunday July 24, 2016 11:00am - 12:00pm PDT
Room 4

12:00pm PDT

Spotlight on Ed Luce
Wuvable Oaf burst onto the San Francisco indie comics scene in 2008 and the fur has been flying ever since. Creator Ed Luce and moderator Sina Grace (Not My Bag, Self-Obsessed) chat about all things Wuvable, from kitties to music to the future of this larger than life queer character.

Sunday July 24, 2016 12:00pm - 1:00pm PDT
Room 4

1:00pm PDT

Hank Green Does What You Want Him To Do
Hank Green, co-creator of SciShow, Crash Course, VidCon, the Internet Creator's Guild, and Vlogbrothers just wants to hang out and talk. Ideally, the conversations will be in his areas of expertise, which include chemistry, creator economies, Snapchat, They Might Be Giants, contemplating mortality, and the pronunciation of .GIF. Please come, he's bringing presents.

Sunday July 24, 2016 1:00pm - 2:00pm PDT
Room 4

2:00pm PDT

Spotlight on Emily Carroll
Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Emily Carroll (Through the Woods) answers your questions and chats about storytelling, horror, and her comic making process.

Sunday July 24, 2016 2:00pm - 3:00pm PDT
Room 4

3:00pm PDT

Kickstarter Secrets Revealed
Whether you're thinking about launching your first Kickstarter project or you're ready to embark on your fifth, our lineup of veteran creators has a wealth of invaluable information for you. Jamie Tanner (Kickstarter's comics outreach lead), Hope Nicholson (The Secret Loves of Geek Girls), Kel McDonald (Sorcery 101), and George Rohac (CEO, Breadpig) discuss all things Kickstarter, from the best way to promote your project to avoiding common pitfalls and everything in between.

Sunday July 24, 2016 3:00pm - 4:00pm PDT
Room 4

4:00pm PDT

Superheroes on Stage
The world today would have been unthinkable 15 years ago. A world where a superhero can be found on every screen, big or small. A world where larger-than-life stories are given the respect they deserve in both live action and animation. But what about on the stage? This panel will focus on the writers, directors, and producers who have brought superheroes to the theater. Productions ranging from indie to Broadway will be explored, as these artists talk about the challenges they faced in making a live audience believe a man could fly.

Sunday July 24, 2016 4:00pm - 5:00pm PDT
Room 4

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