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Mr. Pasadena

Mr. Pasadena
Chairman of the board
Pasadena, CA.
For years I have been better known as Mr. Pasadena, a name given to me by my friends and associates. I have since embrace the name and do the best I can to represent the city that I love so much.
My website and twitter account showcases my city and all that it has to offer, like the amazing world class restaurants and bars, the timeless charm, and the unique culture.
People can always talk to me about Pasadena, but I am here to geek out when it comes to comics, video games, Walking Dead, TMNT, Teen Titans Go and Star Wars. So Hello San Diego Comic Con, Mr. Pasadena has made the trip down here to be a part of the action! So cheers to Comic Con 2014 & Pasadena!
Wednesday, July 20

6:00pm PDT

Thursday, July 21

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Friday, July 22

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Saturday, July 23

9:00am PDT

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