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Darkstone Ross

Toronto, Ontario
Was the Commander and 1st Officer of the winning team of Nerds on CBC's Test The Nation and is, as a result, clearly awesome. I'm essentially a child in an adults body. I am the world's only (to my knowledge) Professional Wrestler/Elementary School Teacher/Costumed children's entertainer. I work out at least 6 days a week and eat 7-8 meals a day (most of which are protein shakes or bars). I collect comic books and action figures, I watch too much TV and wish I had the time to watch more movies. I have an unhealthy addiction to my iPhone and would probably marry it if the law would allow me to. I am very passionate about politics, but more so about science fiction. I think the Enterprise was the best of the Star Trek series and that Captain Archer was the greatest Captain of any ship ever called "Enterprise". I know that there is nothing wrong in this world that can not be fixed by sufficient amounts of Stargate.