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Jeff Burns

Super Geeked Up
Troy, New York
I'm the Creator and Co-Host of Super Geeked Up, a live weekly geek culture show where we talk sci-fi, fantasy, superheroes, and video games and play fun geek-themed games with awesome guests! We also travel around to Comic Cons and other events during our show with audience participation!

I'm also the Writer/Director of web series Super Knocked Up, an action/comedy about a female super-villain who gets knocked up by a superhero.

And I'm the Chairman of the Board of the International Academy of Web Television.

You can reach me on Twitter @supergeekedup or via e-mail at supergeekeduplive@gmail.com Thanks!
Wednesday, July 20

6:00pm PDT

Thursday, July 21

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Friday, July 22

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Saturday, July 23

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Sunday, July 24

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