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Shelby Baldock

Piano Man Pictures
Los Angeles, California
I love cinema, music and people.

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At some point in your life, you ask yourself if you're comfortable with who you are? Do you enjoy who you're surrounded by? You quickly trim your friends to a safe group, but later things change again. It's at this point you realize this: Why greet only those who greet you? Suddenly you realize the myriad of people that can be your friends. You begin to understand the concept of love, and through your first attempt at spreading love you realize that some people do not want to accept it. Why is this? Those who love will never understand. But there's nothing to understand. The reward is for the loving. So, you continue on meeting new people, spreading love, support and comfort, giving no one hate or closing off to others. Love is hugging the human in front of you and smiling. If that's the first thing you do to a person, you'll always be making friends. The problem is, that it takes a good while to learn this. But, now you know where I stand. So, meet me. Hug me. Let's be good friends.