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ShubShub Bandersnatch

Chandler, Arizona
As his dark eyes bore into yours you feel yourself grow cold within. You want to run away.You want to crawl back into the womb that spawned you.This dark stranger is clearly far more powerful than anyone, any being you have ever met, and yet his dark manner is that of one who scorns to be labeled with such mere labels. You feel yourself move from fear to awe. You wonder from what distant and ineffible plane this dark traveler hails. ((female characters only:)) You fear him and yet you are strangely drawn to him and his efficacious power.
Thursday, July 21

11:00am PDT

11:30am PDT

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Friday, July 22

12:45pm PDT

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9:00pm PDT

Saturday, July 23

12:30pm PDT

2:10pm PDT

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Sunday, July 24

10:00am PDT

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